Machines for extrusion blow moulding, with the most common materials being HDPE, PP, etc.

and stretch blow moulding machines for PET preforms.


Urola’s rotary extrusion blow moulding systems for the manufacturing of HDPE, PP packaging, etc. are recognized as being the most efficient machines available. Since its origins, Urola has remained faithful to the rotary concept in the design of extrusion blow moulding machines, believing that this is the most effective system available to address a large container production demand.

For this, they have developed the widest range on the market, geared not only to large production demand but also to the medium scale production segment.

 Extrusion Blowmoulder

 Stretch Blowmoulder

Urola’s response to the growing demand for PET containers and other materials obtained from the stretch blow moulding process includes an innovative concept, unique in the market, that offers a combination of high efficiency heating with the direct transfer of preforms to the press without the need to change the separation between them. In this way, the equipment is characterized by its extremely compact size and its use of the most technologically advanced systems..