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Brewhouses, flash pasteurizers, syrup rooms, deairators, carbonators and c.i.p. installations.



WATER SYSTEMS’ solutions are based on a deep understanding of each producer’s need in combination with extensive beverage industry knowledge and outstanding engineering skills. Their employees are the pillars of this commitment and dedication: their experience and expertise enable Water Systems to transform their state-of-the-art technology into cost-effective projects for our clients.

Filters & Grapes to wine

With the new brand MECGEM Technology, we want to represent the Italian innovation in the field of solutions for liquid treatment.

MECGEMoffers a wide range of solutions for liquid filtration in the oenological, brewery, food & beverage and chemical sectors. MECGEM is a leader player in the liquid filtration, not only able to provide filtration technologies for these sectors but also able to design and develop ad hoc solutions based on specific needs, new products and new markets.

The oenological sector is MECGEM's hystorical target in which they offer machines for the entire process from vinyard to bottle. They are your ideal partner that, thanks to in-depth initial advising, is able to provide a tailored solution to you.


For water, juices and beverages

ECO BREW TECH is our supplier for high tech brewhouses with a capacity of 15 HL or more. The applied technology is not only a bare science but it is the result of personal brewing experience since the 1960's, direct project involvement, world-wide experience and constant client interaction.  CRIVELLER BREW TECH introduced itself to the European market through ECO BREW TECH, who to date has already installed many brewing systems within Italy and Europe.

ENOBEER is our supplier for well engineered, user friendly and extremely well equilibrated price-quality ratio, 150 up to 1500 liters brewhouses. 


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