Machines suitable for the depallettizing of bottles, jars and tins with transfer of one layer at a time through gripping (NECK HANDLING), a system enabling storing flat pads and/or (inverted) trays located between the layers.


Machines suitable for the pallettizing of cartons, shrinkpacks or crates in crossed layers.


Machine suitable for the pallettizing of shrinkpacks, cartons or crates in crossed layers. Solid and sturdy portal framework in painted steel. Horizontal and vertical movements of the machine controlled by inverter for precise and soft starts and stops. Pneumo-mechanical turning system positioned on the pack conveyor.

Suitable for lines with capacities up to 1.000 packs/hour.



Depallettizer with layer transfer system, for cilindrical or shaped bottles, jars or cans. The pallet to be depalletized must have plastic or rigid cardboard layer pads. The machine is fully automated and is suitable for bottling lines with production capacities up to 600 containers/minute.
It is indicated in case of frequent format changes since it does not need any additional equipment and the height parameters of the product are configured through a touch-screen display.