Machine to empty or fill plastic crates or fill cartons with bottles coming from the filling line.

Machines for the vertical and horizontal introduction of bottles into electro-welded steel, wooden containers or into special supports (vinplast) in horizontal position and their removal after the ageing period.
Possibility of using the layer transfer through gripping or pushing system.

The vertical model is suitable for lines with capacities up to 12.000 bph and the horizontal model is suitable for lines with capacities up to 6.000 bps.


Case packers

Machines for vertical, horizontal or combined case packing, picking up the bottles or the containers accumulated according to a pre-set configuration and introducing them into “American” type carton cases in horizontal or vertical position.


Vertical case packing speeds: 4200 bph - 24000 bph.

Horizontal case packing speeds: 6000 pbh / 9000 bph.

Combined case packing speed: 3000 pbh - 14000 bph.