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AXTRA was the first Italian manufacturer to build modular labelers with fully stainless steel base. Axtra offers its customers more than 30 years of professional experience, perfected in the field of industrial capsulers &  labelers by its engineers. A technology able to deliver great numbers, based on following features: modularity, flexibility, practicality.    In order to confirm its leading-edge products on the world market, attentive marketing is the basis of its design.


Capsulers & Labelers

Modularity, flexibility, practicality.

These are the three key concepts that synthesize the style and philosophy of a dynamic company which has made technological innovation, its strength. This is what the market requires and what AXTRA, currently an international point of reference in the field of industrial labeling machines for the beverage, food and detergent sectors, offers its customers. The more than thirty years of experience of its founder, a solid international sales network, timely pre- and post-sales service, combined with operational flexibility and the ability to anticipate the demands of a constantly evolving market, guarantee satisfaction of any labeling requirements.


AXTRA designs labeling & capsuling machines for companies with a production range varying between 500 and 30.000 bottles per hour. All machines maintain the special characteristics of AXTRA technology and AXTRA labelers are exclusively equipped with electronical bottle holder plate rotation. All machine bases are in AISI 304 stainless steel and optional in 316. AXTRA labelers are produced in various cold and hot glue, self-adhesive or combined versions. AXTRA capsulers are produced to either shrink, clamp or roll-on capsules onto bottles. 


 AXTRA, in perfect synergy with its technical office, is able to develop special machines, fitting special and custom applications upon the customer’s request. The following labels can be applied by these machines: body, neck, neck wrap, back, “I” “L” “U” seals etc,

while  optical centering can be fit upon request

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