Delta Engineering was founded in 1992. Noticing the lack of efficient leak detection equipment, they started designing and producing the UDK100, a single head leak tester. In the following months and years, they stayed very much attuned to the needs of their customers, leading quickly to the development of a whole range of solutions solving the actual problems of today companies.This hands-on approach enabled Delta Engineering to establish a pre-eminent position in the industry. Today Delta Engineering counts large multinational groups, as well as smaller independently owned companies among its customers for all the machinery between the blow molder and the rinser-filler-capper.



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The flexpicker is a bottle unscrambler which uses vision for bottle recognition and a robot for grabbing and positioning the bottles. It can handle different volumes of products (from 50ml up to 5L) and different shapes of bottles (round, oval , square and shaped).


This machine is used to put the products on down stream conveyors after blow & drop machines and for transport towards the filling lines.