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The AXTRA brand is now for over 11 years, a landmark in the field of labeling and recently launched the production of rinsers, cleaning and sanitizing machines of containers prior to filling.

With its Italian workmanship and European quality and reliability standards, and with their functional and productive manufacturing site, AXTRA is aiming for top quality at reasonable pricing.

The meticulous craftsmanship has evolved into a dynamic and flexible industrial reality, capable of answering even the most complex rinsing problems.



The new range of AXTRA rinsers is divided into two macrofamilies: fixed and mobile nozzles which in turn are divided into single and multi-segment models. For the entire range, which varies from 9 to 120 grippers, there is a wide range of options to suit every need, starting from small producers up to the big industry. The whole production range is available in freestanding version or turret version in monoblock configuration where the rinser is driven by the filler.
The turrets are designed to have all the technical characteristics necessary to fully integrate into the filler base on which they are installed. "The systems' design and production allow us to achieve a "fully customized tower" in time and cost comparable to the "standard". The versatility of AXTRA rinsers allows us to treat even jars with machines similar to those for bottles.

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