Packmore is the first and only company specialising in the production of 'mobile' wrapping machines for end-of-line packing.

Long experience in the sector of stretch film wrapping machines and careful analysis of the market, have led Packmore to create new mobile wrapping systems that are absolutely innovative and offering all the versatility which the traditional fixed station systems cannot give.


Pallet Wrappers


The Packmore pallet wrapping machine with stretch film is robust and reliable. The main features of the Packmore wrapping Robots are:

1) no permanent installation

2) Suitable to wrapping pallets and products of any dimension

3) Suitable to wrapping pallets and products with any form and shape

4) Suitable to wrapping pallets and products of any weight

5) Quick packing

6) They can pack also difficult machines and objects

7) Wrapping pallets without compromising stability

8) Wrapping and packaging with any type of stretch film and net

9) Wrapping anywhere in the warehouse

10) Packaging with savings of 40% of stretch film.